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featured in Outdoor Explorer Magazine:
Quite simply - The best car tire chains on the market. Easiest installation of all our tire chains. Diamond car tire chains pattern insures a comfortable drive with less vibration and noise.
Maximum traction with minimal brake distance and skidding. The small square alloy links and the short length of each cross chain minimizes wear and breakage.
The flexible hoop on the backside of the tire allows for quick and easy installation without moving or lifting the vehicle.
Recommended for ABS and traction control systems. Very easy, simple installation without the need to jack up, or move the car.
We offer two styles
SAE CLASS "S" and our exclusive Ultra-Thin diamond tire chains for vehicles with restricted wheel clearances.
Reversible for increased life. Minimal noise and vibration. 
Improves traction and stopping distance by as much as 75% compared to car cable tire chains.
Comes complete with installation instructions. Stores compactly in the included nylon carrying case.
Click Here for a car diamond tire chains installation video.

Click here for Tire Chains Recommendations and Applications

TIRECHAIN.COM'S type "S" Diamond Tire Chains are Approved by TÜV
The German Safety/Quality Standard

car cable tire chain
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Car Cable tire chains are an economical traction aide. All steel construction with tough carbon steel spring rollers.
Zinc Finish for added Durability.  Low profile ensures a smooth, quiet ride.

SAE CLASS "S" for vehicles with restricted wheel clearance. Weighs up to 50% less than car diamond tire chains.
Optional Tire Chains Tensioners are recommended for maximum life and performance of Link Cable style Tire Chains.
For easier installation of car cable tire chains see our exclusive Sno-Ramps that make installation a breeze by positioning your vehicle perfectly.
Click here for cable tire chains installation instructions.

Click here for Tire Chains Recommendations and Applications


Twist link Chain - Ladder style cross chain with cable side chains to minimize clearance required and ease of installation.
All steel construction and case hardened cross chains provide excellent durability. Link Cable chains can be used on class S vehicles, as well as, vehicles with ABS.
Optional Tire Chains Tensioners are recommended for maximum life and performance of Link Cable style Tire Chains.
For easier installation of car cable tire chains see our exclusive Sno-Ramps that make installation a breeze by positioning your vehicle perfectly.
Click here for cable tire chains installation instructions.


Diagonal Cable Tire Chains provides superior traction and a better fit than cable ladder style tire chains. 
The alloy coil rollers give longer life than steel rollers.  The diagonal design also enables the cable to be installed without moving the vehicle making installation easier. 
Meets SAE Class "S" requirements for vehicles with limited wheel well clearances.
For Diagonal Cable Tire Chains Installation instructions, click here.

Rubber adjusters/tensioners and a storage bag is included.

Select your tire size
(see the sidewall of your tire- click here)

P145R-12 P165/70R-13 P175/75R-13 P195R13 P215/60R-13
P145/80R-12 P155/80R-13 P175/80R-13 P195/60R-13 P215/65R-13
P155R-12 155R-13 P185R-13 P195/65R-13 P225/60R-13
P165/70R-12 P165-13 P185/60R-13 P195/70R-13 P235/50R-13
P145R-13 P165/80R-13 P185/70R-13 P195/75R-13 P235/60R-13
P145/80R-13 P175R-13 P185/75R-13 P205/60R-13 P245/50R-13
P155/70R-13 P175/60R-13 P185/80R-13 P205/70R-13  
P165/65R-13 P175/70R-13 P185/85R-13 P215/50R-13  
P165R-14 P185R-14 P195/75R-14 P215/75R-14 P245/50R-14
P165/65R-14 P185/60R-14 P205R-14 P225R-14 P245/60R-14
P165/70R-14 P185/65R-14 P205/55R-14 P225/40R-14 P245/70R-14
P165/75R-14 P185/70R-14 P205/60R-14 P225/55R-14 P255/50R-14
P165/80R-14 P185/75R-14 P205/65R-14 P225/60R-14 P255/55R-14
P175R-14 P185/80R-14 P205/70R-14 P225/65R-14 P255/70R-14
P175/60R-14 P195R-14 P205/75R-14 P225/70R-14 P265/50R-14
P175/65R-14 P195/55R-14 P215R-14 P225/75R-14 P265/60R-14
P175/70R-14 P195/60R-14 P215/60R-14 P235/60R-14 P275/60R-14
P175/75R-14 P195/65R-14 P215/65R-14 P235/70R-14
P175/80R-14 P195/70R-14 P215/70R-14 P235/75R-14
P135R-15 P185/60R-15 P195/80R-15 P215/75R-15 P235/75R-15
P145R-15 P185/65R-15 P205R-15 P215/85R-15 P245/50R-15
P155R-15 P185/70R-15 P205/50R-15 220/45R-15 P245/60R-15
P155/80R-15 P185/75R-15 P205/45R-15 P225R-15 P245/70R-15
P165R-15 P195R-15 P205/55R-15 P225/50R-15 P255/55R-15
P165/65R-15 P195/45R-15 P205/60R-15 P225/55R-15 P255/60R-15
P165/70R-15 P190/65R-15 P205/65R-15 P225/60R-15 P255/65R-15
P165/80R-15 P195/50R-15 P205/70R-15 P225/65R-15 P265/50R-15
P175R-15 P195/50R-15 P205/75R-15 P225/70R-15 P265/60R15
P175-65R-15 P195/55R-15 P215R-15 P225/75R-15 P275/50R-15
P175/70R-15 195/60R-15 P215/45-15 P225/80R-15 P275/60R-15
P180/65R-15 P195/60R-15 P215/50R-15 P235R-15 285/40R-15
P185R-15 P195/65R-15 P215/55R-15 P235/60R-15 P295/50R-15
P185/55R-15 P195/70R-15 P215/60R-15 P235/65R-15  
  P195/75R-15 P215/65R-15 P235/70R-15  
P195/45R-16 P205/50R-16 P215/55R-16 P225/60R-16 P245/50R-16
P195/50R-16 P205/55R-16 P215/60R-16 225/65R-16 P245/55R-16
P195/55R-16 P205/60R-16 P215/65R-16 P225/70R-16 P245/60R-16
P195/60R-16 P205/65R-16 P215/70R-16 P235/50R-16 P255/50R-16
P195/65R-16 P205/70R-16 215/75R-16 P235/55R-16 255/55R-16
P205/40R-16 P205/80R-16 P225/45R-16 235/60R-16 255/65R-16
P205/45R-16 P215/40R-16 P225/50R-16 P235/65R-16 P265/50R-16
P205R-16 P215/45R-16 P225/55R-16 P245/45R-16 P265/75R-16
P205/40R-17 P215/55R-17 P225/60R-17 P245/35R-17 P255/55R-17
P205/50R-17 P215/60R-17 P225/65R-17 P245/40R-17 P275/40ZR-17
P205/45R-17 P215/65R-17 P235/40R-17 P245/45ZR-17 P275/55R-17
  P225/45R-17 P235/45ZR-17 P245/50R-17 285/35ZR-17
P215/40R-17 P225/50R-17 P235/50R-17 P255/40R-17 285/40R-17
P215/45R-17 P225/55R-17 P235/55R-17 P255/45R-17  
P215/50R-17   P235-60R-17 P255/50R-17  
205/35ZR-18 P225/45R-18 235-50ZR-18 255/40R-18 P275/40R-18
215/35R-18 225/50R-18 P235-60R-18 P255/45R-18 P275/45R-18
215/40ZR-18 P225/60R-18 P245-40R-18 255/55R-18 P285/30R-18
P215/45R-18 P235/55R-18 P245/45R-18 P265/35R-18 P285/35R-18
215-55R-18 235-40ZR-18 P245/50R-18 265/40R-18  
P225/40R-18 235-45ZR-18 255/35R-18 P275/35R-18  
225/35R-19 235/55R-19 275/35R-19 275/55R-19 P245/35R-20
P235/35R-19 245/40R-19 275/40R-19 P265/35R-20 245/40R-20
255/35R-19 P255/40R-19 285/35R-19 P275/35R-20 P255/35R-20
P180/65R390 185/65R-390 P190/65R-390 P220/55R390 P220/65R390
235/710-460 P185/65R365      

Car Tire Chains Application Recommendations**
Tire Chains Ratings

Chain Type

Tire Chains Clearance Tire Chains Traction Tire Chains Ride Quality Tire Chains Ease of Installation Tire Chains Durability Tire Chains Highway Use Tire Chains Off Road Use Tire Chains Plowing Tire Chains Towing Applications Tire Chains less than 2 inches of snow Tire Chains more than 2 inches of snow Tire Chains Ice Traction Tire Chains Mud Service Tire Chains Maximum Speed Tire Chains ABS and Traction Control
Diamond Sub "S" Tire Chains 30mph
Diamond "S" Class Tire Chains 30mph
Cable Ladder Style Tire Chains 30mph
Cable Diagonal Tire Chains 30mph
Link Cable Tire Chains 30mph
Twist Link***Tire Chains 30mph
Type PL*** Tire Chains 30mph
Tire Socks**** Tire Chains 30mph
Polyurethane/Plastic**** Tire Chains 30mph

*Clearance Required-Check your vehicles owner's manual under "snow chains" or "tire chains" for your specific vehicle tire chain clearance requirements. Some vehicles may have limited clearance between the suspension, body and tire.
If there is a clearance issue, the owner's manual may state one or more of the following: do not use chains, use type S chains, a specific style of tire chain, and where to put the tire chains on front or rear axle.

**The above recommendations are general tire chain use guidelines.
Specific vehicle and use recommendations are the vehicle owner's responsibility.
*** Due to the limited clearance of modern vehicles and ABS and Traction control systems, Twist Link and Type PL Car Chains are no longer offered by TireChain.com.
****Tire Socks and Polyurethane/Plastic types may not be considered a legal traction aid in some states when "Tire Chains are Required"
and are therefore not sold by TireChain.com.

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