Diamond Tire Chains
installation instructions
Diamond Tire Chains

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Diamond Tire Chains
Installation Video

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front side Diamond tire chains
front side

rear side Diamond tire chains
rear side

911 Diamond tire chains

Arrange the tire chains on the ground in an arc in front of the wheel.

Slide the tire chains
Slide the tire chains on the ground behind the
rear side of the wheel so its open ends are facing you.

rear side fastener tire chains diamond
Grasping the blue and yellow coded ends,
Hook together the end link fastener for the rear side.

diamond tire chains front fastener
Hook the end link of the blue outer side chain to the red connecting hook.

installed diamond tire chains

Drape the tire chains over the tire tread so the outer chain ring is aligned evenly around the sidewall of the tire. Pass the tensioning chain through the track and eyelets
and pull it as tight as possible.
Attach the rubber tensioning hook under light tension on the outer blue side chain. After a few wheel revolutions stop, retighten the rubber tensioning chain and attach the tensioning hook to lock into position.

After initial installation, move vehicle forward or backward at
least 15 feet and retighten chains. Failure to do so may reduce chain life by 50%.

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