An important question to ask prior to purchasing from your local dealer, is how many cross chains per side are you getting. Our tire chains are pre-made for your tire size. Our volume means we are able to stock the correct set not a fit-all or one made of bulk. If the tire chains are made from bulk, normally it uses a wider cross chain which means it consists of far fewer cross chains and large gaps between each cross chain. For example, our 18.4-38 uses 24 cross chains per side. One made from the fit-all bulk only uses 20 cross chains.

Since duo-grips cross chains are connected in the middle,
this pattern does not fall between the tread bars.

Duo-Grip Style is
recommended for:
field work
deep tread
off road use
hilly conditions

recommended for use on pavement.
Duo Style may dig blacktop or concrete more than the ladder style.

Since it has chain running in the circumference as well as side to side it provides unparalleled lateral stability.

Ours, unlike some competitors, use smaller overall diameter links to connect the two cross chains. This allows for smoother ride and more even wear.
Below, arrow point to smaller diameter connecting links.
duo grip small connecting links

Normally, there are more cross chains per side on a Duo Grip style than on any other pattern of tire chains (double or ladder). For example, A 14.9-28 duo has 22 cross chains. A 14.9-28 ladder only has 16 cross chains.

In most sizes, also available in a V-BAR version.
Which is perfect for ice and hard packed conditions. V-BAR Duo-Grip cost effective alternative to bull ring and Canadian style tire chains.
v-bar duo
click picture to see detail

case hardened in accordance with ASTM E18 Standards

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