Tire Chain Installation Tool

Heavy Duty Tool with ratchet binder action for installation
and tensioning of large tractor and skidder tire chains.
Greatly simplifies and eases the proper installation and tensioning
of snow chains.

- This tool works great for use as a skidder chain tightener or chain tensioner 

- Ideal for installing large equipment traction chains

- properly tensioned chains last longer, ride smoother and wear tire chains more evenly.

Assembly Instructions

For shipping purposes - The tool is shipped in two pieces - Parts A and B.

Make the the thumbscrew is unscrewed.
Rest Part B on a hard surface and push Part A onto part B.

Continue guiding Part A onto part B. Line up the set screw with groove and in Part B and tighten set screw.

To spread the jaws, release set screw. rest on hard surface and position your thumbs
as shown and press the in the direction of the arrow.

To close the jaw, release set screw, rest head on hard surface, position hands
as shown above and push in the direction of the arrow.

Installation Tool
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