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ATV Studded Tire Chains

Compare to Competitors - Make sure you get two studs per link.
Ours Studded Tire Chains have 2 studs per link.  Ours is high strength alloy 10B21 Steel.
Other brands, have as few as 2 studs every other link.  Theirs is standard grade R56 Steel.

ATV Diamond Fitting Instructions
ATV Studded Chains are too Long
ATV Studded Chains are too Short

It is not all about price.

OURS: 2 Studs Per Link
OURS: Zinc Coated

THEIRS: 2 Studs Every other link
THEIRS:Clear Coated
THEIRS: Thinner

ATV Diamond Tire Chains
Installation Instructions

1. Lay the studded tire chains out flat and remove all twists and tangles. 
 Arrange the tire chains so that the side with the studs is facing down and away from the tire.

Double-Check to make sure the sharp, open hook side of the tire chains is facing down. 
Otherwise, if the hooks are facing up, the studs will be in the worng direction after installation,
which may cause tire damage.  On one end of the chains, identify the "gathering rings and
on the other end you will have 2 tails protruding from the middle of the tire chain. 

2. Drive the tire over the  the tire chains and leave about 1 foot of chain sticking out one end
of the tire.  Pull the tire chains up and over the tire as far as you can and
then bring up the tire chain remaining on the ground to meet it.

3. On the inner side of the tire, take the "C" hook in hand, hook it through the nearest side chain link.

5.  Fold it back to itself and hook it on the connection link.

6. Take 1 of the 2 chain tails protruding from the center of the tire chains,
put it through the corresponding gathering ring and pull tight. 

7. Pull tail through the ring and then pull down toward the side chain
 on the corresponding side and attach with shackle.

8. Do the same procedure with the other chain tail and pull tight.
  You may need to re-tighten your side chain "boomer" or "C hook" fasteners
taking up as much slack as possible.  Slowly operate yrou vehicle a short distance,
step off, inspect and re-tighten the tire chains if necessary. 
Please note:Adjustment is normal and expected since tire chains are designed to fit a range of tire sizes and tread designs.
The overall length of the chains may be longer than necessary.
As long as the cross chain width is correct, the overall length can be shortened, please see the below shortening technique.

Below are pictures of diamond chains that are too long and need adjustment.

If the Diamond ATV is too long, adjustment can be made by cutting the chain at the red lines shown in the picture below.
The chain can be cut with grinder or bolt cutter.


If your Studded Diamonds appear short:

Replacement Shackles
3/16 Clevis Pin
For ATV Diamond Tire Chains
priced each
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