Snow Truck Parts For Winter Four Wheeling - Buyer's Guide by Four Wheeler Magazine

Chain Gang
What it is: Tire chain
Who makes it:
What it does: says that installing a set of quality tire chains onto your vehicle can substantially increase traction in snow and ice. They offer several different types, including regular and reinforced diamond chain, alloy square straight link, V-bar, round twisted-link and cable types. While you should call for your specific application, the reinforced-diamond truck chains are the most popular choice for light trucks, and their pattern ensures a smooth drive with less vibration and noise, and maximum traction insures minimal braking distance and skidding. They're available in both a heavy-duty 4.5mm cross-chain for on- and off-highway use (shown) and a type SAE Class "S" for restricted clearance requirements.
Info:, Dept. FW, 313 Main St., South Fork, PA 15956, 800/417-1314, 814-248-3375

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