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ATV tire chainsavailable!

"Fit All" Chain type A 17" wide x 76" long
Fits most 26", 27", and 28" tire diameter
with 10" or 11" tread width.
for example: 26 x10x12 , 26x11x12
ADJUSTMENT will be neccessary

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"Fit All" Chain type B 22.3" wide x 65"long
Fits most 26", 27", and 28" tire diameter
with 12",13" or 14" tread width.
ADJUSTMENT will be neccessary

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ADJUSTMENT:Tire chains are designed to fit a range of tire sizes and tread designs. The overall length of the chains may be longer than necessary. As long as the cross chain width is correct, the overall length can be shortened by using repair links to eliminate slack or by removing 1 (or more) cross chains.

For repair couplers technique using forged pins or quick links, please see:

Or shorten the chain by prying the cross chain hook open and removing the entire cross chain. The hooks holding the cross chain to the side chain are not hardened and can be opened with a chisel or vise as shown below.

Do Not remove cross chain from the fastener side.

Remove cross chain from the tail end as shown above.

Common household tools Required - cold chisel, pliers, hammer, goggles.
We do offer chain repair tools, please click on Tire-Chains-Pliers.htm

Turn cross chain hook to be removed on its side as shown above.

Carefully drive chisel into fastener, spreading it open.

If necessary to reinstall cross chain, close fastener with pliers as shown above.

The extra length of side chain can be removed by cutting it off. But it is our recommendation, to wire tie the extra length to the side chain. This way if the additional length is needed in the future, it will be there.
Important!! Prefit prior to use.Maximum speed is 25 MPH.Buyer shall not be entitle to recover any incidental or consequential damages.No compensation will be made for labor claim, delays, or damages incurred by using our products. Caution: All traction products will wear out with use. If this should occur, stop immediately and repair or replace.Tirechain.com and South Fork Hardware are not responsible for injury or vehicle damage.


Snow Chains Spring Adjusters

Snow Chains Tensioners/Adjusters
Keeps the chains tight and in place - thus maximizing the life of the chains. Adjusters or another
tensioning device is a must for best performance. Mounts to the side chain on the outside of the tire.
One pair per set is recommended for all tire chains except cable and diamond car/truck tire chains.
Description Price/Pair Order
SPRING Adjusters fits Garden Tractor and Snow Blowers $13 Add to Cart in stock

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