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4-Link Spacing
Heavy Duty

2 - Link Spacing
Medium Duty

2 - Link Spacing
Heavy Duty

FAQ on Garden Tractor Chains

What is the difference between 2 and 4 link spacing?Spacing is defined as the number of side chain links skipped between cross chains. For 2 link spacing, cross chains occur every 2 side chain links. For 4 link spacing, cross chains occur every 4 side chain link.
Which is better 2 or 4 link spacing? 2 link is always better. It provides for a more consistent ride by having more chain on the face of the tire. Therefore, helping to reduce the bumpy ride from being on chain - off chain. 2 link is always recommended for steering tires, since it allows more steering control.
When are V-Bar chains recommended? V-bar is helpful on hills, ice and hard packed conditions. They are not recommended on pavement since they can damage the surface if the tires begin to spin.
Do I have enough clearance between the tire, struts, or control arms? Check your your owner's manual, vehicle manufacture or dealer to confirm adequate clearance. Click here for a picture of a clearance problem.
Where do I find specific application information?Click Here for tractor make, model, tire size and application information.

Installation Instructions
Click here for detailed installation instructions for garden tractor chains.

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