Tire Size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
P165/70R-13 or 265/75R-16LT
Tire width
Aspect ratio
Wheel size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
23x10.50x15 or 31x10.50x15
Tire diameter
Tire width
Wheel size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
9.5-24 or 16.9-28
Tire width
Wheel size

Tire Chains
Tractor Ladder

4 Link Ladder Tractor Tire Chains

Ladder tire chains are also know as "Road Chains".
They are recommended for the following conditions:
-worn tires
-used on pavement or concrete
-turf style tires

Ladder tire chains are not recommended for deep lug tires, since the crosschain will settle between the tread lugs.

Cross Chain Thickness: tire width up 16.9 are 3/8 inch thick. 18.4 and larger are 7/16

2-Link Spacing tire chains

2-Spacing is recommended for smooth consistent ride. Virtually eliminates the up and down bumping. Cross chains are spaced every other side chain link - hence, the name two link spacing. Normal tire chains are spaced every fourth side chain link.
available in select sizes only


V-bar are helpful on hill, ice and hard packed
conditions. They are not recommended on
pavement since they can damage the surface
it the tires begin to spin.
available in select sizes only


Specific tractor make, model, tire size
and application recommendations click here.

Tire Chains are case hardened in accordance with ASTM E18 Standards

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