Heavy Equipment Repair Pin Coupler

Tire Chain Repair Coupler


These couplers are forged hardened for excellent for cross chain and side chain repair/adjustment.
The roll pin is tapped into the coupler to hold chain securely in place.

- Repair couplers are used for extending and repairing any style of tire chain

- Easy to install with a simple plug system that keeps the chain in place after the plug is hammered down

Approx. Material Size Price Each Price Each
6mm - 1/4 inch
(Part # 9281)
$4.72 Add to Cart
in stock
7mm - 9/31 inch
(Part # 9282)
$5.9 Add to Cart
in stock
8mm - 5/16 inch
(Part # 9283)
$7.08 Add to Cart
in stock
10mm - 3/8 inch
(Part # 9285)
$10.63 Add to Cart
in stock
16mm - 5/8 inch
(Part # 9289)
$16.54 Add to Cart
in stock

This pic shows the chain at 36"

One coupler takes up nearly 4"

2 couplers take up nearly 8"

Coupler Open

Coupler Closed.

Garden Tractor

Large Tractor

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