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snow chains cables
1. Lay the Cable Snow Chains on the ground with smooth side of the cross member hooks up.
Smooth side is stamped "TIRE SIDE". Position the tire chains around the tire so the
closed mid-section is positioned against the backside of the tire.

2. Reach around the tire and grasp both ends of the rear side cable. Pull both ends to the top of the tire so the rear keyhole and nub can be seen and handled more easily. Fasten through the fastener keyhole. This attached side cable will now become the "inside" side cable. Secure any excess cable to side cable using the clips attached to the side cable.
cable chain installation chains for tires

3. Now begin working on the outer sidewall. Grasp the outside cable tire chains with both hands and pull it toward you to create as much slack as possible, then take the NUBS of the lower fastener and thread it through the lower keyhole (near the ground). Next secure the upper fastener nubs through the upper keyhole as tight as possible by hand. Secure any excess cable to side cable using the clips attached to the side cable.
car chains

4. Attach the rubber tensioner to take up the additional slack.
snow chains cables

The open side hooks on tensioner should face away from the tire so they do not dig into the tire. Make sure the snow chains or tightener will not rub on the wheel to avoid damage. No additional adjustment is required.

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