Tire Chains Dual Triple

Emergency Strap on Tire Chains
available in most sizes in medium duty, heavy weight and v-bar
v-bar Emergency Strap on Tire Chains
seedescription of light and Heavy Duty tire chains.

case hardened in accordance with ASTM E18 Standards
tire chains adjusters recommended


You will note from the picture below, that there is a center chain between the two tires. This allow the staggering of cross chains. When the outside tire is on chain the inside is not. When the inside tire is on chain the outside is not. This design enables maximum traction with a very consistent ride.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT put tire chains on a tag axle. Tag axle is a dead axle usually located to the rear of the drive axle.
It is a drag axle used to spread over other axles.

CAMS INCLUDED IN MOST SIZESwhen noted. Cams are not on the heavy duty 3/8 Chains.

Tire Chain Ramps for mounting chains on outside Dual Tires.
Raises the tire and makes installation of tire chains a breeze!
Holds up to 15,000 lbs per ramp

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