Tire Size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
P165/70R-13 or 265/75R-16LT
Tire width
Aspect ratio
Wheel size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
23x10.50x15 or 31x10.50x15
Tire diameter
Tire width
Wheel size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
9.5-24 or 16.9-28
Tire width
Wheel size

Tire Chains FAQ: Rules for using Tire Chains?

If tire chains are required, here are 10 basic guidelines for their use:

Important: Pre-fit tire chains prior to actual use!
For your convenience and safety:

1. Consult your vehicles owners manual to see if tire chains can be used on your vehicle.
2. Make certain your tire chains are properly sized for your tires. A proper fit is key to performance
3. Follow directions installing tire chains.
4. Apply as tightly as possible by hand for maximum snow chains life.
5. Be sure to pull off highway to safe place before installing, servicing or removing tire chains.
6. Do not deflate tires to install tire chains.
7. Drive approximately 1/4 mile. Stop and retighten.
8. Extra links may be cut off or preferably retained on the fastener arm.
9. Do not drive at high speed. Accelerate or decelerate slowly. Avoid spinning or locking of wheels.
10. If a cross chain should fail, stop immediately. Repair. Do not drive with a broken chain.
11. Avoid hitting curbs with tire chains.
12. Tire chains are not designed for towing vehicles.
13. Do NOT put tire chains on a tag axle. Tag axle is a dead axle usually located to the rear of the drive axle.

Tire size must be known in order to select a tire chains of correct fit. For passenger cars, vans and small pick-up trucks it is important to check the owner's manual. The restricted wheel well clearance in most of today's down-sized and front drive vehicles may require the use of SAE class "S"; tire chains, as noted in the vehicle's owners manual.

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