Tire Size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
P165/70R-13 or 265/75R-16LT
Tire width
Aspect ratio
Wheel size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
23x10.50x15 or 31x10.50x15
Tire diameter
Tire width
Wheel size
If your tire size is formatted like this:
9.5-24 or 16.9-28
Tire width
Wheel size

Tire Chains FAQ: Who pays to return the order?

If we make the mistake, we pay the return and we will refund the order 100% including the original shipping or replace the chain with the correct chain at our expense.

If the customer makes the mistake by ordering the wrong chain for their size or vehicle, the customer pays all shipping charges.

If the chain ordered matches both tire size and part in the industry standard fit carts, the correct chain was shipped. For fit charts, please see:
Farm Tractor Tire Chains Fit Chart
Garden Tractor and Snow Blower
Car and Minivan
Truck and SUV

The most common complaint that makes a customer feel they received the incorrect chain is that the chain needs adjusted. By adjusted we mean, shortening the overall length. The width is fine but the overall length needs shortened. Tire chain adjustment is normal and expected and in this case does not constitute a shipping error on our behalf. Tire chains are designed to fit a range of tire sizes and tread designs. The overall length of the chains may be longer than necessary. As long as the cross chain width is correct, the overall length can be shortened by removing 1 (or more) cross chains by prying the cross chain hook open and removing the entire cross chain. The hooks holding the cross chain to the side chain are not hardened and can be opened with a chisel or vise. See .

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