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All steel construction with spring rollers.
Extra Heavy duty side cable and
tough carbon steel spring rollers. All steel fasteners.Low profile ensures a smooth, quiet ride. Unlike competitor's diagonal pattern cable tire chains, our style extends the life of the cable tire chains. For easier installation of cable tire chains see our sno-chain ramps.

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Unroll and lay the cables on a flat surface, If you are reinstalling cables, carefully inspect them for any worn cables or damaged components. Do not drive with cables that are damaged. Make sure the raised ends of the cross member hooks (where each cross member joins the side cables) are facing away from you.

tire chains hooks
Make sure the raised ends of the cross member hooks (where each cross member joins the side cables) are facing away from you. When the cables are installed, the raised ends of the cross-member hooks must face away from the tire's tread.

snow chains draped over a tire
3.Drape the tire chains over the top of the tire. The lever lock should rest on the outer sidewall. Again, check to be sure the cross member hook ends are facing out, away from the tread. Warning: you could damage your side walls if the cross member hooks are not facing away from the tire tread. Use both hands to center the cables over the tire tread.In order to bring the key hole latches and lever lock to comfortable working height, tuck the first cross member under the tire and move your vehicle slowly forward about a foot until the key hole latch roughly lines up with the axle. Be sure to turn off the engine and set the emergency brake before you continue installation.

tire chains

snow chains heavy duty cable fastener

tire chains fold over locked

4.Secure the cables on the inner sidewall, or the back side of the wheel. Pull the end of the side cables with the knobs up to meet the keyhole latch. Tighten the side cable to remove any slack and thread the knobs through the key hole latch slot. Use only your hands to tighten the cables. You do not need to use any tools. Secure any excess cable to side cable using the clips attached to the side cable. Now begin working on the outer sidewall to fasten the lever lock. Pull the end of the side cable with knobs up to meet the lever lock. Tighten the side cable to remove any slack, then insert the knob into the key hole latch in the lever lock so the cable remains taught. Make sure the cross members are centered over the tire tread. To close the lever lock, pull the lever up 180 degrees toward the top of the wheel Catch the side cable with hook at the end of the lever lock to secure the lever lock. Your may need to readjust the key hole latch on the inner sidewall of the tire to keep the cross members lying straight across the tire tread.

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