Tire Chains Heavy Duty Truck Chains

heavy duty tire chains cross chains
9/32, 5/16 or 3/8 thick depending on actual
tire size
Heavy duty twisted link tire chains are recommended for hard service including plowing, mud, and off road applications.
Heavy Duty Tire Chains have thick cross chains for maximum profile on the face of the tire.  The thicker chain has deeper case hardening than medium duty.
Wider Cross Chains on  the heavy duty tire chains, ride further down the tire sidewall, so that if you are not biting under the tire, you will get bite from the side of the tire.
Heavy duty truck chains are made of heavier duty side chain, hooks and other hardware than medium duty snow chains.

Tire chains adjusters recommended

Please note that since heavy duty chains are thicker than normal chains, it is important to confirm specific clearance requirements of your vehicle.

All of our Tire Chains are case hardened in accordance with ASTM E18 Standards or Onorm 10B21.

Heavy Duty Tire Chains

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