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Thu 12/11/2008

Please be advised that I received my order today. I am very pleased with the items I ordered and I will order again sometime in the future. My Salesperson was Jacqualine and she was very professional.

Bob from Bradford, RI

Thu 12/18/2008

You are awesome. Thanks for the lightning quick response.

George from Alhambra, CA

Fri 12/19/2008

Bargain chains at the local parts store: $47.25. Cost of replacing my left rear ABS cable when the chains came off: $165.55. Cost of being late to work: Loss of credibility. Cheep chains are actually very expensive as you can see. Heavy snow this morning so I chained up with your diamond chains and I was on my way in less than 10 minutes (I practiced a couple of times last summer). Your quality chains were $82.78 including shipping, their cheep chains were over $212.85 and lasted about 5 minutes. Thanks for the peace of mind that I get driving with your chains. 
Mark  from Bremerton Wa.

Fri 12/19/2008
I just wanted you to know that I already received my tire chains and just in the knick of time we are getting between 8-12" by the end of day, I also just wanted to make you aware of what the actual duties and taxes are for people who order from Ontario Canada in the event that someone should ask - I had to pay an additional $54.89 for brokerage and tax. Although this does seem high I'm just glad that I got them in time for the snow everyone else here is sold out! Peter from Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Tue 12/30/2008
I appreciate that. You guys are awesome.
Adam from Stateline, NV
Wed 12/31/2008

I got it. Thanks it was in the other box that I had not opened yet. Thanks again,I will let you know that your company is Easy To Do Business With,

Tom from Indianapolis, IN

Fri 1/2/2009
Received the tire chains for my snowblower today. Thank you for the prompt service.
Bob from Spokane Valley WA
Mon 1/5/2009
Thank you for your quick response!!!! One of the packages for the cables definitely has the number 2029 . . .  So before opening the package, I wanted to just make sure I received the right cables. Thank you again for all your help!!! Great company and GREAT, GREAT service!!! May you have a very successful year!
Brian from Lake Arrowhead, CA
Mon 1/5/2009

Thanks, I received the chains in time for my trip. Peter from Sunnyvale CA

Sat 1/10/2009

thank you, i revieved my package. i am very satisfied.
Dirik from Clinton MT

Fri 1/16/2009
I just want to let you know that the replacement chain arrived this morning. Thank you very much for the great service. I'll recommend you to anyone looking for tire chains.
Ron from Payson AZ
Tue 1/20/2009

Thanks for the chains, my old 1950 Ford 8N tractor with snow plow no longer gets stuck in the ice & snow. Fit perfect. Good deal to!. Passed on your web site to a local logger who needs chains for his log skidders.

Jerry from Pittsburgh PA

Wed 1/21/2009

Thank you so much- you are a very reputable and friendly company to deal with-

from Spokane Washington

Wed 1/21/2009

Thanks guys for getting my order out so quickly (order # 99377). I will be recommending your business to others!

Johnny from Minneapolis MN

Thu 1/29/2009
I want to thank you for the quality product I installed on my Ford 8N this week.I plowed snow with ice under it with no problem.I purchased the#738 double ring pair with the spring tensioner set and loved the job it did.
Bob from Rush NY
Tue 2/3/2009
Thanks for the awesome service not many places are like this anymore.
Chauncey from Canajoharie NY
Fri 2/6/2009

I just wanted to write you to express my experience with your tire chains. I live at 8000' feet in Utah and just got a new car and heard about your product. I bought a set and just tried them and am more than impressed. I got the ultra low profile chains for a Natural Gas Honda Civic. I was afraid I would need 4x4, but using your chains, I am more than confident in my drive. I have used a lot of chains, but I will never buy any other chains other than yours ever again. A superior product, by any measure. Well done. And thank you. As soon as I get the money together, I'll be buying four more for my SUV. Klaus from Brighton UT

Sun 2/15/2009
I purchased the  2link v bar ladder chains and could'nt be happier. The ride is so smooth i can not tell that i have chains on!
Blake from Holland NY
Tue 2/17/2009
Just wanted to say that I am extremely happy and impressed at your timely service and attention.  I think I did about everything possible to make this purchase and delivery not be executed on time.  I ordered at the very last minute and then gave you an incorrect delivery address.  Thank you for intercepting my email correction so promptly.  The chains arrived today and tomorrow we will make the attempt to tow the trailer out of here to attend the NASCAR race at Fontana.  Also other good fortune...it quit snowing today. 
David from Pine Mountain Club CA
Mon 2/23/2009
I just wanted to say thanks very much for such great service.  My order was placed after the deadline, yet you still got it out to me and it arrived the day before I needed them to travel through the snow in the mountains.  The chains fit snugly and did the job.  Thanks again for such a great experience!
Janice from San Diego CA
Sun 12/19/2010
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your service. 
You called me the day I submitted my order to let me know the tire chain tool wasn't available, but you could credit me the difference in order to not delay shipping the chains.  You also made sure the spare parts were correct for the chains ordered.  The chains arrived quickly, are the right size, and work very well...Those are some BEEFY chains!  They should last me for years...not like the ones I had to buy from the local tire-dealer that already broke a cross chain connector. 
Please let me know when the medium-size tire chain repair tools are back in stock as I would like to order one as well.
Steve from Sandpoint ID
Tue 12/21/2010
Just got my chains today and wanted to drop a quick email to say THANK YOU!  I checked all the local tire stores and nobody had chains that would work on my car because of low clearance between the tire and strut tower.  Your "sub-S" chains are perfect and allow plenty of clearance so I won't be stranded when it snows this year. Thanks for the speedy processing and delivery, I really appreciate it!
Gary from Portland OR
Wed 12/29/2010
 I have no idea how in the dickens you got these chains to me this quick but thanks a bunch.
Dave from Alliance OH
Sun 1/2/2011

My wife and I appreciate the quick response - especially it is a SUNDAY!

Peter from Laguna Niguel CA

Tue 1/11/2011
Wow, I got the tire chains today. The service can't get any better than this
Alf from Republic CA
Sun 1/16/2011

Wow,  Thanks for the fast reply..   I brought the chains inside and spread them out on my workbench and counted all the links.  Everything looked good except that one of the V-chains was twisted and I opened the cross chain hook and straightened it out and reclosed the hook.  Problem was that this chain was one I had not tried.  With all things looking good, I said to myself, I will take my time and not let this simple task beat me.  Anyway by going slow and checking everything, they went on perfectly!!  I am from the deep south (Mobile, AL) and can understand that this was my first time with chains.  I then took off the front chains and put them back on with no trouble.  Why the other two gentlemen, who are from here, had so much trouble I do not know. Anyway, thanks for the rapid delivery,  the  fast reply and really good chains.  I will highly recommend them to my friends and Monday will order just one set for my four wheel drive Tahoe.

Tom from Maryville TN 

Fri 1/21/2011
Sir; I just wanted to let you know I received my purchase in a very timely manner.  Thank you for your excellent service.  Dave from Gallatin MO
Mon 1/24/2011

Thanks, received, timely and in order.  Nice work.

Michael from Cheswick PA

Thu 2/3/2011

I used my recently purchased chains in the winter storm that blanketed the heartland yesterday. I am compelled that I must tell you and the tire chain associates that the diamond tire chain worked wonderful.   Where I reside, we had accumulated 14-16 inches of snow fall over the night. Upon exiting my driveway and onto my small city street, a consistent 19-24 inches of snow drift was waiting.   All in all, I had no problems driving through the sloppy city streets or into the bucolic, desolate lands where I work.   The commute was very tense at times, but I always had great control of my vehicle. I thought so highly of your product, I recommended the chains to a few people at work.   Even if I only use the product once a year, it was well worth the price.   First time user, a life time customer.   Thank you, and have a great day.
Brett from Grand Rapids MI

Tue 2/8/2011
Thanks for the prompt shipment. A week ago, prior to the big storm, I had failed to get my 14' ~2000 lb dual axle utility trailer backed into storage barn, because of poor traction on slippery, packed snow, using my 2WD Suburban and worn mud and snow tires. After 2 hours of trouble I abandoned the trailer in the farm back yard at 11 PM, on Sunday night.   After the storm, and delivery of the chains, I took my walk behind snow blower and blew away most of the new, loose snow. The (2WD) Suburban equipped with the chains hitched up with no fuss, and was able with normal manuevering and some extra cleanup to push the trailer up the slight slope on the same packed surface with no trouble at all. Everybody messing around doing back yard work on packed snow should have a set!
Dave from Bettendorf IA
Fri 3/4/2011

When I placed my order I spoke to Dave on the 'phone.May I say that Dave sounds like a valued employee and certainly has the knowledge and patients to deal with the consumer who knows nothing about snow blower chains but happens to know a lot about zinc plating. I'm sure that when my neighbors ,see the chains on my snow blower, they will ask where did I get them. This is where they will also meet Dave....

Bob from Yardville NJ

Thurs 9/1/2011

I ordered the chains on Mon.,received them on Wed.( what service) very happy. Can't wait for the first snow.

R. from Newbury MA

Mon 9/26/2011

I recently ordered some parts to rebuild a set of tractor chains from you. You gave me good advice and shipped them out to me almost instantly. I started rebuilding them today and the parts are right on target. You saved me hundreds of $$$ and I am very happy with your company and will recommend to others. Thank you very much...

Bob from Port Deposit MD

Wed 10/05/2011

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the chains I just received and installed on my farm tractor. They look great and fit perfectly. What a quality product you make at a very reasonable price. I also like the spring tensioners and the handy, surprisingly inexpensive load binder. It was a great help. Now I feel a lot more confident when I think about the coming snow storms and the half mile long farm lane I'll be plowing.

Ed from Westminster MD

Sun 10/16/2011

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of the people at TireChain.com in regards to my order #158450. I emailed the size of my tires for my   4X4 tractor, and someone replied, in a very timely manner, with several very helpful Tirechain.com links that allowed me to decide which sets of chains ,in the specified size, best fit my needs and budget. Once my order was placed, the product was shipped immediately, and another email arrived with a UPS link, allowing me to track the shipment.   The condition of the packaging and the clean, well marked bags indicated a well organized distribution facility, And, finally, the chains are great and exceeded my expectations.


I think another important thing to me was that no one said to purchase a specific style of chain, but rather, provided me with the information to make a reasonably   informed decision from a nice range of products. From start to finish, this was a great purchasing experience. Please accept, and share with your colleagues, my gratitude.


Jack from Marlboro, VT

Monday 11/7/2011

Thanks Guys

I received our chains today. The service was outstanding


from Republic WA

Friday 11/11/2011

 I received my Cable Snow Chainss and my adjusters, I received them almost 24 hours after my order do you guys live down the street? LO L great job of shipping and the price was excellent. I tried them on the car and they fit like a glove and very easy to install. Thank you for a great job. Kepp up the good work and I'll be telling all my friends about you.

Jim from Aston PA

Tuesday 11/15/2011

Thanks for responding. I already ordered the item today. I have been using your company for our cars here in California and thank you for all your products. God bless your company and the staff.

Fernando from San Diego
Friday 11/25/2011

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the absolutely swift delivery of the chains I ordered. I think I put the order in on Monday, and I get them Wednesday, 11/23/11. They fit perfectly, and I plowed snow (grrrrr,) with them here in Vermont Thanksgiving Day, and they made the difference between night and day on my 2001 Ford F-150 with no weight in the back and pretty much bald tires.  I am going to wait to see how they perform in the next storm, and may be ordering a 2nd set for the front.Those V-Bar chains are the answer to my dilemma here for sure.

Thanks again, great job!

Tom from Bennington VT

Tuesday 11/29/2011

Thanks guys I received the tire chains today. This must be the 4th or 5th set I have purchased from you and the quality of service never changes.

Kudos to you

Alf from Grand Forks BC

Thursday 12/1/2011

I ordered a pair of tire chains for my tractor on Nov 27th, 2011(a Sunday) and got a notification from UPS on Monday Nov 28th, that the chains had been picked up, with delivery scheduled for Nov 30, in the afternoon. Shipment arrived as scheduled! Again, Great Service! Too bad all companies aren't this efficient.
Thanks Again
PS Please feel free to use my endorsement in your advertisements if you wish

Steve from Glendale WI
Friday 12/2/2011

Wanted to say thank you for the very prompt shipping. Chains fit perfectly.

 I have already been recommending your company to others.

Mike from Mt Vernon IA

Wednesday 1/25/2012

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know the emergency chains you provided us with last year worked exceptionally well in an icy roadway we had traveled onto.  They were quick and easy to deploy and work really well.  I just wanted to thank you again.


John,Assistant Fire Chief, PA

Thursday 2/16/2012

FYI...The Snow Chain testing went very well. The Chains that I purchased passed our rigorous validation testing. We were running high speed Fish Hooks (50MPH+), Wide Open Throttle starts, ABS braking, slolom handling, etc. The chains held tight to the wheels with no degradation. We will be recomending this specific chain in our owners manual for multiple vehicles.

Chassis Engineer, Detroit MI
Monday 2/20/2012

Thank you very much! Your customer service is FANTASTIC!; The order was shipped quickly, the chains were as described, you phone and email support is prompt and friendly!

Thomas from Ashburn VA

Saturday 3/10/2012

I ordered on Wednesday and received my chains on Friday.
Thank you!
I needed a set of chains for my riding mower because of the steep hills I have on my property.
I ordered the 2 - Link Spacing with V-Bar. No more wheels spinning.
Again, Thank You for your fast service, and great chains for a fair price.

Shaky in middle Tennessee

ps. OK to use this in promotions or feedback.

September 26, 2012

Made my chains longer and everything worked perfectly. Spring adjusters are just fantastic. Thanks for all your ordering help and return phone information.

Francis in Bainbridge NY

Hey folks,
I just bought new chains from you for my 275/70R/17 tires. They are the diamond chains. I am INCREDIBLY impressed with how easy they are to install. Very well done with the video to assist me as well. The hardest part off the process was trying to find an avenue to provide you with this feedback. :) Have a great weekend!

Brent in Minocqua WI

Mon 2/18/2013 8:48 PM

The shipping was really fast !

Really smooth transaction !


Thank you so much.

I'll recommend your website !

Michael in

SBDL (Quebec)

Thursday 2/28/2013

I just wanted to take the time to compliment your company for a job well done. Your application chart and expanded information (including installation video) are what made my final decision to order from you. Obviously price also factored in, but honestly I was going to purchase from the company that did the best job educating me and guiding me to the most applicable product.

In addition, the fact that I placed my order after the cut-off time for fulfilling my order that same day, and yet I still received my order 2 days later (with standard shipping) was impressive.

I am probably not your typical customer in that I also work for the largest mail-order catalog and on-line company in the pet supply industry, and we pride ourselves in the same type of education and customer service that your company demonstrated. So I say "Great job!"

Thanks again for a job well done.
Continued Success,

Jeff from Rhinelander, WI

Wednesday 11/4/2013




Don from West Salem WI

Thursday 11/5/2013

I   have only good things to say about tirechain.com.

I initially chose tirechain.com because of all the useful & instructive information on their website.


I highly recommend tirechain.com   for:

Great customer service, and,

I ordered with standard 3 day delivery, then received my chains in 2 days.


My advice to buyers:   Do your due diligence and study all the info on their site before you order.

If you have never bought/used snow chains before* DO NOT buy online by yourself!

CALL these people, TELL them your situation, then TAKE their advice.


If I had not called the Help Line, and then re-checked my tire specs while on the phone (with a gal who knows her stuff about tire chains) I would have ordered the wrong item.


* BTW, they also send you instructions for use, but if you have never used snow chains before, do spend enough time looking at online videos until you feel comfortable with the installation procedure before you buy.

Scot in Cheyenne WY

Thursday 11/21/2013

just bought chains for my ingersoll 4018. had to write you to tell you how great they are. design, materials, and fit are beyond perfect. 5 stars all the way around.

Mark from Kenosha WI
Monday 12/9/2013

Just wanted to send a note to thank the staff for the prompt service of my order.

The package arrived within days of placing the order and chains fit perfectly on the tires.

The biggest thing I noticed was the better quality of chain than what Simplicity originally gave me.

I am glad I came across your website.

Joe from Dousman WI

Wednesday 12/18/2013

I ordered a set of tire chains, my name is Michael cooper and I live at 9 fletcher dr Pelham Nh 03076. I work for a utility company and unfortunately am required to drive in unfavorable conditions. Last night was an incredibly treacherous conditions: deep snow, high traffic, poor visibility, impatient reckless tractor trailer drivers. I have on a normal day 50 minute commute. I got the chains for situations like this, I had them arrive at my house about a week ago. The chains performed outstanding. They really made me feel safe in a unsafe situation. I had no troubles up the highway where a lot ran Into problems. Even backroads that were plowed even less I cruised right through. The braking and taking off from a stop were unreal. My only wish is that I got a set for the rear tires, it got a little loose when I approached 30mph so I just took it slow. I just wanted to say I'm a believer now and you really saved my bacon.

PS: I'm pretty sure a handful of my coworkers will be ordering their set soon.

Thank you

Mike from Pelham Nh

Hello. I recently ordered a set of tire chains for my snowblower.I would like to thank you for the extremely fast service and for the quality chains I received . Thank you and your staff for a well done order. I will recommend you to anyone who needs chains. Thank you again. Henry
January 21, 2014 12:18 pm

You have one very happy customer from near the ICE BOWL (Green Bay).
These are the BEST chains I have EVER purchased!!!


Prompt delivery and flawless execution this past weekend. I put the chains
to good use in heavy snow at Snowshoe Mountain ski resort in West Virginia.
Turned my front wheel drive Toyota Avalon into a 4 wheel drive SUV. Chains
were easy to install and remove in heavy snow.

Thank you for your service.

I just wanted to say thanks for the tractor chains. They are REALLY NICE, High quality chains. Really Heavy-Duty chains.  :-)   I have no problem, now blading my driveway on the ice. They really work well! Rolled all over my lawn and up hills in over a foot of snow (in 8 degree weather) with ease. The chain adjusters are nice and I'm glad I bought them. As I am with the load binder, too! ;-)



When you order something, be it from a large company or small, a person
expects some level of customer service. And it goes without saying, a
quality product at a competitive price.

Your web site is perfect. An example to others. Every bit of information I
needed to educate myself about what I needed, how to get it, and how to get
help, is right there on the first page.

I called and got a very pleasant voice assuring me that the "Ground
Time-In-Transit" map was indeed correct.

My E-Mail was answered promptly.

I used the "search by Your Tire Size" and then went back and used the
selection column on the left side of the page. Both provided a wide

Once I figured out what I needed I decided to educate myself. Every bit of
information I needed was available. If there is something else to using tire
chains, I can't imagine what it is.

The links you provided to "Chain Laws and Road Conditions" was a further
education. And necessary.

On February 1st my wife and I are going to traverse the rocky mountains on
secondary highways from Arizona to Washington, with stops in South Dakota,
Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Our vehicle is a 2010 F350 FX-4 with 285-75-18
Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's.

We purchased two sets of the 4.5mm ONORM Diamonds, with the ratchet
tensioning device.

I can't wait to see where we can go.

Thank you

A few days ago I ordered a set of chains for my tractor .
I recived them today and installed them this evening they fit perfect
And went on easy. And they work great
The day I called to order them your co. Had closed about an hr before . But some one answered the phone anyway
I asked if I should call back the next day during your normal hr's. they said no he would be glad to help me right now,and he did!
Took my order , got it right, sent it out the next day to the right address,
To say I am impressed would be an understatement ! Wow!!! Thank you your co. Is wonderful and a true joy to deal with . Ralph l Taylor sr
I received the chains, tools and tensioner yesterday. Thank you for the
prompt service. The day before I ordered from you, I placed an order for
some paper targets which have not arrived. I will refer them to your site as
an example of the right way to service customers. TY Mike
I want to thank you for the great service I got from you. Order number

Wow! Our tire chains ordered on Wed Oct 22 came today, Friday Oct 24. Thank you so much for your great service. Now, how about putting them on for us? Ha!

Nick & Diane

Dear Folks at TireChain.com
I want to say thank and tell you what a great experience it's been doing business with you. I ordered my chains for 13.6-16 tractor tires late last week by your cheapest shipping and they arrived today (3 days). That's too good to be true. I found the chains to be far better than I ever hoped. Installation took 15 minutes and even the first adjustment went like clockwork. These chains so far exceed my expectations that both neighbors who looked at them could not believe the price I paid and I had to show my receipt to prove it.

Thank you. We have all had experiences buying things online that turn out to be nightmares. You have done just the opposite; made this buying experience a pleasure.

Just wanted to say thank you for a quick shipment and easy to follow instructions on the chains I bought for my tractor. Very pleased!!!
Joe from Greenfield Mass

tractor tire chains that i just bought

I just bought a set of the studded tire chains for my kubota tractor that has R-4 tires in a 420/70-24 size. They are fantastic and well worth the money. Two years ago I bought the "duo" style and they are terrible; one of the pairs of the cross chains always gets sucked down in between the treads, essentially giving you only half of the chain on the ground, plus the cross chain that does sit up on the tread is so far from the next one that the tractor ride is very rough on harder surfaces. Not so with these new ones! Great ride quality, they clean out well and grip like crazy! Now I just have to sell my old ones! Thanks for a great solution to my traction issues
Mitch from Westfield NY

I would like to leave a review but I don't see where to do it. Your service, order process and shipping was excellent. The chains fit perfect and were exactly what I needed for my tractor and were heavier gauge then I expected. Please add these comments to your reviews.

Bill from Hadley New York.
January 11, 2015 10:59 PM

Works great. Thanks.
I just want to say that the help you provided with all of this is the best I have seen in a long time. You guys really stand out among mostly everyone. IF I EVER NEED CHAINS FOR ANY OTHER VEHICLE IN THE FUTURE, IM COMING TO YOU!! And if anyone I know needs them, you have my reference.

Thanks again, Jeremy

i bought chains from u chains are great fit line a glove every thing went great thank you and staff A plus in my book thank you very much

Rick from Melrose, MN

I ordered my tire chains on Monday, they came today, and they are awesome, didn't take long to put them on and they work great, Im glad I choose the V chain, it works awesome, no sliding with these! What a difference in the way my tractor plows!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!

Tina, Walton NY

I would like to direct this to who handles customer reviews. I just received chains from you and was more than pleased with the chains and expedient service I received. I was hesitant at first after reading a review from an unhappy customer but was glad I tried your company out. I had shopped around and these chains are superior to other chains I have looked at. Thank you!
A very pleased customer. Thank you for a superior product.
A. Smith
Thank you!

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