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P165/70R-13 or 265/75R-16LT
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23x10.50x15 or 31x10.50x15
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9.5-24 or 16.9-28
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Tire Chains Truck and SUV  Comparison and Recommendations**

This chart compares all the types of Truck Snow Tire Chains with different applications.
Choose your use and then select the correct type of snow chains.  Always choose the right
type of snow chains for right application.  For example, off road or plowing use, requires the
heaviest duty chains available.


Tire Chains Type

Clearance snow Chains Traction truck Lateral Stability snow chain Ride Quality Truck Chains Ease of Installation Durability snow chain Highway Use  Off Road Use Plowing  Diesel Truck Towing Applications cable Chains Ice Traction  less than 2 inches of snow More than 2" of Snow Mud Chains  Maximum Speed snow Chains ABS and Traction Control
Diamond Type S 30mph
Diamond Heavy Duty 30mph
Diamond Reinforced 30mph
Cable Ladder Style 30mph
Cable Diagonal 30mph
Medium Duty Twisted Link 30mph
5.5mm Square Straight Link 30mph
7.0mm Boron Alloy Square Link 30mph
Medium Duty V-Bar 30mph
Heavy Duty Twisted Link 30mph
Heavy Duty V-Bar 30mph
Two Link Medium Duty 30mph
Two Link Med Duty V-Bar 30mph
Two Link Heavy Duty 30mph
Two Link Hvy Duty V-Bar 30mph
Net Reinforced 30mph
Polyurethane/Plastic**** 30mph

*Clearance Required -Check your vehicles owner's manual under "snow chains" or "tire chains" for your specific vehicle tire chain clearance requirements. Some vehicles may have limited clearance between the suspension, body and tire. If there is a clearance issue, the owner's manual may state one or more of the following: do not use chains, use type S tire chains, a specific style of snow chains, and where to put the tire chains on front or rear axle.

**The above recommendations are general tire chains use guidelines.
****Tire Socks and Polyurethane/Plastic types may not be considered a legal traction aid in some states when "Tire Chains are Required"
and are therefore not sold by

Specific vehicle and use recommendations are the vehicle owner's responsibility.

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