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Tire Chains Tractor Loader Spring Adjusters

PLEASE NOTE: To insure maximum life and performance of your tire chains,
tire chains must be installed as tight as possible. Snow Chains Tensioners are recommended.

Keeps the tire chains tight and in place - thus maximizing the life of the tire chains.
Especially on large tires such as farm tractors, loaders, and graders, it is extremely difficult to take the slack out of the tire chains.
Our Spring Tire Chains Tensioners are fully adjustable and are a must for best performance.
These large spring tensioners are extremely heavy duty and weigh 12 lbs per set.
Competitors sell the same tractor tensioner for over $99.33 per pair.  We price ours at almost the 1/2 price,
since we know how important it is to have tight tire chains and everyone should use them.
Mounts to the side chain on the outside of the tire. One pair per set is recommended.

tire chains tractor

large tractor tire chains tensioner

6304 tire chains tensioner

Since the springs on these tire chains tensioners are so strong, an optional load binder is recommended to aide
in installation as demonstrated in the below pictures. The load binder will also be useful in the proper
installation of the tire chains prior to installing the tensioners.

load binder tire chains


Tractor/Grader Spring Tensioners are sold per pair.

Description Price/Pair Order
SPRING Adjuster (tractor/grader spring tensioner) $55.84 Add to Cart in stock
Replacement Spring $9.88 each Add to Cartin stock

Load Binder
Significantly eases the installation of large truck and tractor chains and spring adjusters.

3/8 Load snap binder

Size Application Working
Take Up
3/8 Tractor/Grader 375 lb. 3.23 inch $13.65 in stockAdd to Cart

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