Lawn Tractor Tire Chains Diamond Style

Excellent on deep lug tires. European Style Tire Chains stay on top of the tread.

Provides excellent lateral stablity since the cross chains run the center of the tire and diagonally side to side.
European Diamond Style  lawn tractor and snow blower Tire Chains are much smoother running since the pattern is consistent
so the tractor will not bounce as much since you are not on/off cross chains like traditional ladder style tire chains.
European Diamond Style Garden Tire Chains have an integrated tensioner. 
No need for the optional tire spring garden tractor tire chains tensioner.
Diamond Style Tire Chains usually do not require customization by removing cross chains for proper fit.
European Style Tire Chains are the chain of choice for Europe.  Traditional ladder
Style Tire Chains are not desirable in Europe since they do not provide the fit or
traction the the Diamond Style Tire Chains provide. 

garden tractor tire chains

Tread View

lawn tractor tire chains
Rear View

diamond tire chains
Rear fastener

tractor tire chains
Front View

european diamond tire chains
Front Fold Over Fastener

snow thrower tire chains
Detail picture of front installation
Interlace side chain prior to final tension adjustment with rubber tensioner

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